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lees jeans outletLees is a famous brand of denim jeans which was introduced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas as Lee Mercantile Company. The company is owned by VF Corporation, the largest apparel company in the world which also happens to be the parent company of other famous brands like Wrangler, JanSport, EastPak and many more. The main office of this company is located in Merriam, Kansas. The first Lee denim produced was work wear - dungarees as well as shirts, which was commonly used that time. Lee is proud to say that they are the leading retailer and manufacturer of casual and work attire, with more than 400 employees in U.S. alone.


Today, Lee focuses on creating more features and options for  their time available Cheap jeans. Although, plenty of trousers can be bought from almost anywhere, Lee jeans are still on top of the business. Every single major stores throughout the world that sells jeans and denims have a Lee product available. This alone displays how famous and trusted the brand is.


In 1913, the world was introduced to the Union-All Work Jumpsuit which was a major leap in the clothing technology. It was also the first of the numerous innovations that Lee was responsible of bringing. During the 20's, Lee focused on creating denim products that are very innovative and useful to every customers. The company was mainly considered to be a work wear company. With this demand, Lee systematically increased the strength of the jeans that they are making.


When 1920 enters, Lee again introduced yet another very important parts of what now become Lee's heritage. The first one was the Lee Buddy Doll, which was originally intended to be just a promotional gimmick. However, the society embraced the said product and make it a popular play toy, even making it the second most sold doll in U.S. during that time. Secondly, there was the World's first work Overall.


Lee was also the first one to incorporate a zip fly on their jeans. From early 30's to mid 40's, Lee became the largest work wear brand in America. It manage to surpass all of its competitors due to its high quality products. When 50's finally entered, a new era of clothing design has arrived. The world was introduced to the latest casual clothing which became the reason for the fading of evening dress as casual attire.


Lee felt that there was still room for casual clothing on the market, and so they released their first collections there. While the initial acceptance of the clothing style was poor, it turns out to be best selling as time passes. People started choosing denim products as their casual attire and soon spread the popularity of the brand. When Lee products became very successful in America, the company decided to venture to another countries and expand their scope to many different neighboring countries. Men's Lee Jeans UK was the first to appear through the series of independent distributors.


When 1960's end, Lee had already established branches in 50 countries. The following year, Lee introduced yet again another form of fashion, this brand is now known as the Lee 101. The company felt that focusing on a single stream of clothing design would not be a better marketing strategy. With this idea, they created more informal attire which fits for casual fashion.


The Lee men's jeans was one of the main focus of the brand. Later on, Lee created other forms of clothing such as shorts, t-shirts and sweat shirts. National Denim Day was also established by Lee company in 1996. It is an event wherein participants are required to wear denim when working and give $5. This contribution was created to help the Breast Cancer patients. Today, Lee gradually expands their own trend of fashion through the 80's and 90's.


There's no denying that jeans are very popular among teenagers. For some individuals, a branded jean is a show of fashion statement which tell the people your character. However, have you ever wondered what's it like when Lee jeans or Levi's jeans were not yet that famous? Here's a story that might open your minds up.


Today, Lee has created various designs of jeans which caters every fashion needs of a certain society. From skinny jeans to low waist jeans, indigo blue to flaming red; Lee jeans have truly been a part of every individuals clothing. Searching for the best pair of jeans to match up with your fashion sense can sometimes be a difficult task. Good thing that there are plenty of designs to choose from, making these things not a problem anymore. If you wondered how and when was the first blue jeans created, you might want to have a little history lesson about this particular clothing.


The very popular blue jeans which is worn by many people today was initially intended to be work by workers during the second world war. It could be the sturdy look of the jean that attracts many people. In 1950's, blue jeans was only worn by teenagers as a sign of protest to the system (government). It was only in 1960's that jeans was accepted by the American culture.


Blue jeans was first created from denim fabric which was created in a certain town near Turin called Chieri. Many people said that the raw materials used for these early blue jeans came from France. Blue jeans was initially created for sailors because of its multipurpose functions. The navies back then thought that blue jeans are very versatile and suitable for work and casual.


Lee is truly an amazing brand in the clothing industry.  They offer various fashionable and durable designs at a very reasonable price. Every person has the opportunity to pick the best design. The flexibility of Lee products is so great that it fits every individuals with different preference and needs. Apart from that, Lee is truly an amazing brand. It constitutes price value with the quality of the product.

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